The Inn

A Brief History

Gwyn Careg InnThe original building, now called the Gwyn Careg Inn, was built in 1760 by Mr. William Osgood and remained in the Osgood family for over 100 years.

In 1899 Miss Eleanor Clark, a wealthy Boston heiress, purchased the 300 acre estate and developed the home into a Colonial Revival Mansion. Miss Eleanor Clark Murray was responsible for all the major landscaping and gardens around the estate, requiring up to 25 full-time gardeners to maintain.

She created a Spanish Garden surrounded by ten foot stone walls, fountains cascading along the sides of the stone walls. The garden featured water motes leading to a fountain that was featured in the center of the Garden. An alcove with pebble mosaic design flooring still showcases as a premier site for wedding ceremonies. Miss Murray designed an Italian-style garden that tiers down five levels to a picturesque 2.5 acre pond.

She named the estate “Gwyn Careg” meaning “pure stone” in Welsh.  Gwyn Careg was considered one of the most beautiful estates in eastern Connecticut. The Gwyn Careg Inn was known as inland Newport.

In 1942, the Marquess and Marquessa de Tallyrand purchased the estate and used it as a seasonal retreat until 1964.

In 1965, The More Hall purchased the home and used it as a private boarding school for boys.

In 1980, the home was refurbished and turned into an inn however, the business was short lived.

Today it is the Gwyn Careg Inn and home of the Bove family.  The Inn is made available for rental for special events, overnight accommodations and special gatherings. The Inn is registered on the National Historic Registry.

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Meet the Owners

Dennis and Rosemary Bove are owners and innkeepers of the Gwyn Careg Inn. They have been operating the Inn since 1999. Natives of Connecticut, both Dennis and Rosemary consider themselves fortunate to be owners of the beautiful Gwyn Careg Inn. Dennis & Rosemary Bove, InnkeepersEach guest is treated as the first. The rewards of serving guests seeking a quiet escape, a romantic getaway, a girlfriends’ weekend, or the picture perfect wedding is what keeps both Dennis and Rosemary going.

Both pride themselves on providing quality customer service. Creating the utmost experience for their guests is what makes them so successful and their guests returning. Dennis has over 20 years of sales and marketing while Rosemary has over 25 years of marketing and promotion with the Connecticut Office of Tourism. Their ability to interact with people is a natural. Everyone becomes friends with the Boves.

Dennis and Rosemary are hands-on innkeepers. Much of the maintenance is conducted by them. A great deal of work goes into creating the perfect setting for guests to enjoy however, they make it look so easy.

cocker spaniel

Come meet Tobie at the Gwyn Careg Inn!

The Boves wish to introduce Tobie, their black cocker spaniel who is part of the Inn experience. Tobie was a 9 month old when he was rescued from Mentor Ohio, through Cherished Cocker Spaniels Rescue Organization. He turned one on April 1, 2013. He is adorable and super friendly. He greets guests of the inn with a wag in his tail and a welcomed pat on his head.

All are welcomed to visit the Gwyn Careg Inn. Come, see for yourself why this is the place for you!